"The Mexican Russian"
Evgeny Gradovich
One story

I would like to tell you one little story. Evgeny liked to play soccer In childhood. He was trying to become a member of a soccer club on a local gym. Fortunately the coach of a soccer club refused Evgeny to join. Then, Evgeny’s brother – Volody told him a great news, he said that in a local boxing gym, boxers play soccer every single day as a preparation for boxing exercises. Evgeny decided to join the boxing gym in order to play soccer. He was enjoying playing soccer and paid little attention to boxing. However, he realized quite soon that boxing became his passion. This passion helped him to create a good amateur boxing career, then made him a professional boxer and eventually an IBF world boxing champion. Some people joke that it is very good for boxing that young boys are refused to enter soccer clubs.

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Прямая трансляция

Прямая трансляция - Евгений Градович - Александр Мискиртчян. Бой за титул чемпиона мира по версии IBF в полулёгком весе (до 57,2 кг).