"The Mexican Russian"
Evgeny Gradovich
Few words about my third title defense


Dear friends and boxing fans. I would like to tell you a little bit about my third title defense that took place in Makao, China. I am not going to make an excuse saying that the preparation to the fight did not go smooth, so I did not feel well…that is why I did not do well in that round and so forth. it is past already, I am still learning, I am getting better and better from fight to fight gaining new knowledge and experience. The contender was not that simple, so I got a lot of experience out of this fight. I suppose that the most of you noticed that I had to fight on counterattacks. I have never done it before, so it was challenging for me. He was shorter than I and his boxing is aggressive. He constantly goes forward pushing his opponents to the ropes. Therefore, I decided to fight on counterattacks because I am taller. I was striving to train this type of boxing in the training camp and I have to say that It all worked out for me and for my team. It was the right approach to win this fight.

I would like to thank my team for the great work. Unfortunately not everything that we wanted to do in this fight worked out for us. Nevertheless we made our conclusions and analyzed where we did wrong and how we can improve the training process in the future, so we are not going to do the same mistakes again.

I am on my way to LA right now and soon, I will be heading out to my family to Russia. I have to take a good rest and then get back to the gym to do what I love to do. I would like to say thank to all my supporters and people who criticize me. It is all important for me. It gives me a lot of courage and reinforce my desire to become the best.

All the best my friends

«The Mexican Russian» Evgeny Gradovich

  • Андрей 

    Жень смотрел вчера ваш бой с Селби – бой получился интересным . Надеюсь на ваш реванш – уверен если бы не сечки вы бы смогли к нему приноровиться. Не растраивайтесь – теперь вы знаете как поправить ваш стиль – уверен что вам грозит ещё на раз стать чемпионом мира . Вы очень редкий боксёр и вас реально интересно смотреть в ринге. ))))))))))

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