"The Mexican Russian"
Evgeny Gradovich
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Hello my Dear fans. I am very happy that now I have my own website. On the website, I will be providing you with the current information about my boxing career. Also, I will be just chatting with you.
My next fight is going to take place on the 31st of May in the Chinese city of Macao, like my last fight. The opponent is from Belgium. He is very strong and is quite high in ranking, so I am not expecting an easy fight. I am getting ready for tough clashes.
The preparation for this fight has been very productive as usual, thanks to my team and those people who support me all the time.
I have got one week of training camp left in Oxnard and then, we head out to China. I will have one week of easy training sessions over there, so I will be able to take some rest before the fight and make sure that my weight is ok.
After that: weight in and “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!”
Those people who will not be able to come to China to see the fight, Russian TV channels will broadcast the show. Do not hesitate and do not be shy or modest to ask me any questions, I will gladly answer them. Take care lads, see you soon!

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Прямая трансляция

Прямая трансляция - Евгений Градович - Александр Мискиртчян. Бой за титул чемпиона мира по версии IBF в полулёгком весе (до 57,2 кг).