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Evgeny Gradovich
Evgeny Gradovich: I will talk to Velez in the ring

As it was announced earlier, on the 29 th of November in Omaha, Nebraska USA, the IBF World featherweight champion 28 years old Russian Evgeny Gradovich will defend his title for the fourth time in his career. The contender is undefended 26 years old Puerto-Rican Jayson Velez. This fight will take place in the boxing night where the main event will be the fight for the WBO world boxing title between 33 year old Raymundo Beltran and 27 years old Terence Crawford.
Velez has already given a few interviews where he said that he is confident and he will win; however, it did not confuse Evgeny.
“The preparation to the fight goes smooth and in accordance with the plan, – said Evgeny. – I will start sparring in a week. I cannot be bothered with that Velez says, I will talk to him in the ring on the 29 th of November”.
According to Evgeny, his attitude towards his title is still very serious. “I cannot say that I got use to my title, said Evgeny. – It is a big responsibility for me – defence the title. That is why I work very hard and put a lot of effort into it. Sometimes, I think that I have to slow down, but the thought that I have not done enough of training in the gym does not let me to slow down (smiling)”.
Gradovich also pointed out that his family is in the states with him, and that it let him to prepare to the fight better. “Living with family is perfect, – Evgeny said. – Family is next to me – this is the most important thing for me, I receive a lot of motivation from them (smiling). One of the benefits living with family while you are preparing to the fight is that I do not have cook or do any chores, it is all on my wife. I am very happy that eventually they are next to me and I love them very much!”.


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